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What is a sub-domain?
It is a separate block of space set aside just for WOWsie "members" on the WOWsie.com domain. Your URL will be: http://www.wowsie.com/~YOURUSERNAME  


What is my username?
It can be whatever you like, however it is strongly recommended that you use your first name. Since WOWsie.com considers itself an "online community", it may make it easier for others to remember you site name. Remember, your username will also be your e-mail address at WOWsie.com.

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How much space do I get?
I will start you off with 5 Meg
How much is 5 Meg?
IMAGES: If you keep your photos / images at a reasonable size of around 25K, this would be enough space for 200 photos! But, if you make your photos an unreasonable size of 100K, that would be enough space for 50 photos. So, it's really worth while to learn how to crop/ compress and reduce your images.
WEB PAGES: If you keep your web pages at a reasonable size of about 50K each, you will have enough space for 100 web pages!
TIP! It helps to delete older files as they are no longer needed.

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How do I upload my site?
Files must be transferred to your web hosting site via FTP. FTP is the "file transfer protocol" commonly used for sending files across the internet. You will need FTP software. Some Internet providers such as AOL may have a built-in FTP interface.
FTP Programs  - Cute FTP
  (free 30 day trial) - WS_FTP (30 day trial)

FTP FREE Programs FTP-Navigator   or FTP-Commander
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How do I configure the FTP software?
HOST NAME/ADDRESS: ftp.wowsie.com
HOST TYPE: Automatic detect
USER ID - yourusername
PASSWORD - yourpassword
Account  - leave blank  

Important NOTE: when using Composer, your "publish" protocol is: ftp://www.wowsie.com/web/
Then type in your USER NAME and Password

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Can I use Front Page?
Yes, but you must let me know when you sign up so I can make sure the extensions are installed (no added fee). To upload, use your username and password. To publish to Front Page, use this configuration: Publish to new web - www.wowsie.com ; Then use your username and password! Very Simple!

What about other Page Building Programs?
We suggest trying Netscape Composer. Download information is here. Important NOTE: when using Composer, your "publish" protocol is:

Then type in your USER NAME and Password

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What about e-mail?
You will have an e-mail address of username@WOWsie.com. You will have the option of forwarding your e-mail to your main e-mail account with your ISP, or using a POP3 server to pick up your mail from the web. Your choice.
If you don't want a sub-domain, but wish to have a yourname@wowsie.com address, the cost will be $5/year non-refundable administration fee. (If you have a sub-domain, your e-mail address is included). You can have your mail redirected to your main e-mail account, or pick up and send your e-mail from a secure web pages.
NOTE: There will be a limited number of sub-domains available and a limited number of e-mail addresses.
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What is a pop3 server?
A pop3 server is a free service on the web where one can go to pick up and/ or send e-mail. Let's say you are having your WOWsie.com e-mail forwarded to your mail email account. That method is the easiest and most convenient. But, perhaps you want to send e-mail TO someone that will show your @WOWsie.com address as the return. How can you do that? With a pop server, it's easy.  Simply go to a pop mail site (I would recommend Mail2Web - you can find it at http://www.mail2web.com ), it will prompt you for your e-mail address and password. You can then select "compose", or "send e-mail" (what ever they call the option). One note - send yourself a copy of any e-mails you would like to keep.  You usually don't get a "sent" file stored on a pop3 email server.
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Is it safe to send mail from a pop3 server? 
Yes, again, I am only familiar with Mail2Web, but their system is fully encrypted for your privacy, and nothing is stored on their server. The second you log off, your session is forgotten by the server.
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Can I send forms from my wowsie domain?
Yes, simply create your form, and use these TWO lines of code for your "send to" properties:

<form Method="post" Action="http://www.wowsie.com/cgi-bin/FormMail.pl">
<input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="YOURUSERNAME@wowsie.com">

Your form results will be forwarded to your e-mail box (just like your normal WOWsie e-mail)
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How much does it cost?
You can try out a sub-domain for 2 weeks FREE!
An annual administration fee of just $15 to help me offset the cost of running this site. It's a bargain, as you will have no banner ads, and upload times should be very fast. Plus the benefit of having a very cool e-mail and WOWsie.com web address! Please note: the fee is non refundable nor is it "pro-rated".

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Will I have those annoying banner ads?
Nope, never, ever!  The only thing I ask is for a small link from your home page to the WOWsie.com home page. You can use a text link or one of our buttons.

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Where can I get help with graphics and HTML?
Try our WOWsie Resource page. If you have a favorite site, please let us know and we will add it to our list of links.
NEW! Check out my HTML Boot Camp!
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Can you help me?
I will be happy to add to this list of frequently asked questions, as they come in. And I can answer basic questions about your user space. But please be advised that I cannot "teach" you how to upload, or how to design web pages. You must be able to select and run your own editing / FTP software. I do not have the time to offer technical support of other companies' products. Please have a basic understanding of setting up a web site (or the initiative to teach yourself) before signing up for web space.  See Chat information, next question.

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When is WebSpinner's Chat?
Monday evenings, 5 PT, 8 ET. The link to the chat room is: http://www.wowsie.com/chatroom.htm
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To try out a domain for two weeks FREE (includes e-mail), please  click: Open the form here.
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