What's a WOWsie?


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We started out as a group of  Boyds Bears Collectors who became aquainted with each other through the internet.  Many wonderful folks have found their way to the Webspresso web site. It is our good fortune that they have stayed and given us the chance to enjoy their friendship.

Our many WOWsie web-activities quickly took over the Webspresso site.  It was time to expand and grow, hence the WOWsie.com domain was started in Sept. 2000.  Our activities currently include our Friendship Circle, Monthly Recipe Contest, WOWsie Weight Loss Support Group, Evening Chats, Traveling Wheelie, and lots more!  Our most exciting addition is the offering of sub-domains on the WOWsie site for those who wish to have a small web site of their own.

Since those early days, we have become much more than a group of teddy bear collectors.  In fact, you don't have to be a collector of any kind to be a WOWsie.

There is nothing formal you must do to be a WOWsie, just take the first step of introducing yourself on the lounge. We'll welcome you, and you can choose how and if you would like to be involved in our many actives here at WOWsie.com. The only requirement is a desire to be a part of a growing circle of on-line friendship!

We sincerely hope to "see" you around soon!

Regards ~ Sally Jechura, webmaster

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